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The world acknowledge Autism Awareness in the Month of April, However those of us with Autism, and who support and love family and friends with Autism know first hand this is an Everyday Journey and Experience, that most caregivers would not trade for the world, Lets bring awareness in everyway we can, As a Parent and Caregiver of an Autistic Child, I know the journey Frist hand, the Ups Downs and sideways feeling we get, trying to get the world to Overstand our little Special Ability People, And for the Adults that view this page, I know for you navigating through life, on a daily trying to get the Respect and Innerstanding that we all deserve can become very discouraging, but never give up Continue to be the  wonderful you that only you can be. This month I have created a beautiful limited Edition Extra Tea Candle Collection for Autism Month and beyond, not only do I have candles I also have ribbon and many other Autism Related items.

And I would like to share a few places I know of that will support you and your beautiful child. This camp is a day or overnight camp it has been around for over 20 years, Its called Dragonflyforest  it has given me and my family such joy and peace of mind, and has helped my Love one build confidence and a since of responsibility. I ask that you support this beautiful cause and to also go to Full Circle Outreach Ministries Int where you can volunteer as a outreach worker in many fields surrounding Autism and many other areas that get little representation in this beautiful world we live in

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The 1st photo is the Extra Tea Autism Awareness , Bright Horizon limited Edition Collection, Made with soy wax for a clean burn and World environment friendly, it  is infused not just on top but heavily throughout the candle with delightful dried Lavender, giving a calming and smooth senses for the mind, body and soul. The reason for the name extra tea, is the candle is larger than a tea candle but not the size of a votive, the wick is also soy  The glass is laced with the Autism awareness ribbon and tagged  with a beautiful bow on an all natural environmentally friendly tag and tied with hemp string  

The 2nd photo is the Extra Tea Autism Awareness, Light up the darkness limited Edition Collection, Also made with Soy wax for a clean burn and saves the atmosphere in the process, this candle is infused with Peppermint leaves, and the rope tied around the ribbon is white hemp cord along with a recycled material for the the label that has the beautiful Autism bow, this bow has all the represented puzzle pieces that represent the cause, and all the unique differences in the Spectrum , the wick is made with soy coated wax and hemp string.