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Hello Kings and Queen welcome to my New Page Azolas Cove 3.0 The skin i am in. this page will be all about things to nurture and take care of the outside of your body, still sticking with the same moto Natural is better always, you will be introduced to some of the riches body butter in the world, some of the most elegant and sinfully beautify body and face soaps, and wonderful Aged dried herb oils, to help you reach that perfect place of comfort and beauty. 

Cocoa coconut body butter

Baby when i tell you this body butter is rich, you can run upstairs and back down with the jar upside down and open and it just won't move, all natural ingredients, infused with so many different oils no perfumes just the beautiful smell of Cocoa and coconut. Get your today, give it to yourself or someone else as a beautiful gift Emprezz by design never leaves crystals out of anything or wire works not only do you get a beautiful jar of Happiness where a little goes a long way leaving your skin feeling like silk, you get a beautiful wire works display on every jar, you can leave it on or take it off and keep it for a keepsake, or even try your hand at wire bending, and it also come with a rainbow love rope in a beautiful bow. Thank me Later

Cocoa Coconut body Butter