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Chakra Disc are used to place or each part of the body that represents the chakra, And meditate on the areas of your life that need strengthening, to use as a Chakra balancing take the Disc and place on the areas of the body that are blocked, But before you do this you will need to determine why this chakra is blocked, most of the time one are is blocked because of another area, this is when you will reposition the disc to represent the area where you believe the problem stems from, this can also be done in our workshop with a group , or a private session, The 7 disc bag is $20.00and we also carry the 12 chakra Disc which is $30.00 and the Ultimate Total body chakra disc which is $125.00 all 114# chakras. Complete Chakra Reiki 114 chakra Id, and 72,000 Nadis 350.00 comes with instruction and guided materials included are the 7,12-disc set and placements for the remaining Chakras and Nadis this is a continues journey.